Lionel Johnson

Lionel Johnson began coaching and mentoring young people over 24 years. During that time, he recognized that the mental, spiritual, and social needs of the youth were not being met through solely coaching them. More needed to be done, and that is when he committed to treating each child as his own. Soon he began taking the youth to college and professional football games as a way to build healthy relationships and to begin mentoring them in a fun way that also gave them a safe space to be themselves.

After realizing many of the hurtful things the young people and their families were going through, Lionel established Foundations of Love in 2005. Through his experience, Lionel built an organization that helps to ensure the well-being of families that experience divorce, mental health issues, loss, and physical, verbal and sexual abuse. The physical training programs, mentorship programs, community partnerships and events hosted are all tools that Foundations of Love uses to provide a safe environment for people to have healthy conversations, and begin the work that leads to healing. At Foundations of Love each individual is valued and encouraged to create and reach their goals in life.

Denise Johnson

I was a single mom for 16 years.  For the majority of that time I sat around waiting, waiting on that husband to fulfill my desires and goals in life.  One day I went to a conference and heard START LIVING YOUR LIFE NOW, start buying that house, take yourself to dinner, go to the movies.  I needed to be the authentic me NOW, I needed to live my whole life NOW.  That is what Living Beyond  Walls is all about.  Just because you are single doesn’t mean you have to be without or wait.  Start doing, start being that example for your child and live your whole life! Living Beyond Walls is giving back to the single-family household. It is a place, an event and or a training, you can come to, to start looking beyond the walls you have put up and guarded yourself from.  Start living and stop being sad and depressed about who or what you don’t have. Single parenting is not a curse and you should enjoy your journey no matter what stage of life you are in.