Living Beyond Walls

Living Beyond Walls is developed to look beyond what you see at first glance, and to develop whole life living amongst the single family home. Living Beyond Walls assist families with Living Life Now, no matter the circumstances broadening their outlook creating experiences and believing in limitless living. Living Beyond Walls does this through its financial literacy and Milestones programs. Living Beyond Walls also believes throughout this process your mental health is important and is vital you have fun and enjoy life. Through selfcare. Living Beyond Walls is dedicated to bridging the gap of vision hard work and nurturing one’s self through out life’s journey.

MISSION: Our mission is to equip women and children with the tools they need to go beyond the vision of what they can see. We help families learn how to live a purposeful life they can truly enjoy.

VISON: This whole-life living program supports single- family homes that need help creating a vision for financial literacy and prosperity of their family. Living Beyond Walls supports single family homes in broadening their vision to execute and meet short and long term goals. Living Beyond Walls encourages families to look beyond their current situation in a way that fosters a prosperous vision for their life, we also nurture the intentional self-care journey that is necessary for deep rooted growth.

Living Beyond Walls Programs

Milestones Program

Milestones Program is about financial literacy….

Living Life Now

Living Life now is about self care…



Turning a house into a home is expensive. Help us do so for single parent families.

Get Involved

Fully furnishing a new home is hard work. Volunteers like you make what we do possible.