Quest Program

Many marginalized youths in San Bernardino live in environments that hinder them from becoming their best. Statistics show they are more prone to enter crime and prison. Foundations of Love creates environments that inspire hope in marginalized youth and helps them be their best academically and in society.

The marginalized youths that reside in San Bernardino are forced to live in restrictive environments that hinder their ability to truly flourish. What would it look like if every child in our community was able to become the best version of themselves?

This is where the Transition Quest Program stands in the gap for families that need us most.

Our interactive mentoring program takes place in a one-on-one or a group setting that offers a safe space for youth ages 11 to 19.

We incorporate engaging concepts that focus on helping young men express themselves as they explore and receive guidance from elders in the community. As they dive deeper into their purpose, the negative rhetoric surrounding past life experiences completely transforms.

Workforce Development Program

How We Do It

The Workforce Development Program was designed to help transitional aged youth (TAY) coming out of group homes. Providing resources that will help transitioning youth receive appropriate job training, learn job application and interviewing skills, and maintain a rewarding career. We will appoint a mentor from one of our partnering agencies to help prepare them for promising career opportunities.



Turning a house into a home is expensive. Help us do so for single parent families.

Get Involved

Fully furnishing a new home is hard work. Volunteers like you make what we do possible.