Living Beyond Walls

MISSION: Our mission is to equip women and children with the tools they need to go beyond the vision of what they can see. We help families learn how to live a purposeful life they can truly enjoy.

VISON: This whole-life living program supports single- family homes that need help creating a vision for financial literacy and prosperity of their family. Living Beyond Walls supports single family homes in broadening their vision to execute and meet short and long term goals. Living Beyond Walls encourages families to look beyond their current situation in a way that fosters a prosperous vision for their life, we also nurture the intentional self-care journey that is necessary for deep rooted growth.

Unity Sports Access

MISSION: To empower our youth for personal, academic, and future workforce successes by providing opportunities that develop strong core values through sports, mentorship, leadership training, and financial assistance.

VISON: We strive to create an inclusive environment where youth are presented with opportunities to engage high quality sports through financial assistance, and where they can learn to embrace the concept of growth through hands-on coaching and personal development.


Many marginalized you ths in San Bernardino live in environments that hinder them from becoming their best. Statistics show they are more prone to enter crime and prison. Foundations of Love creates environments that inspire hope in marginalized youth and helps them be their best academically and in society.

Workforce Development Program

The Workforce Development Program was designed to help transitional aged youth (TAY) coming out of group homes. Providing resources that will help transitioning youth receive appropriate job training, learn job application and interviewing skills, and maintain a rewarding career. We will appoint a mentor from one of our partnering agencies to help prepare them for promising career opportunities.