Quest Program


Transition Quest Program is committed to Serving those that are challenged by poverty. Assisting individuals and families with resources aimed to help them transition into better situations.

The many Marginalized youth that reside in San Bernardino County are forced to live in restricted environments that hinder their ability to truly flourish. What would it look like if every child in our community was able to become the best version of themselves?

T.A.Y. Quest

How We Do It

Step 1:

The Transition Quest Program is to provide assistance and advocacy for transitional aged youth aging out of foster care helping them move toward self-sufficiency.

Step 2:

Providing basic essentials to T.A.Y as they transition into new living quarters, we except monetary donations, new or gently used clothes, transportation, food, and other household items.

Step 3:

The Workforce Development Program was designed to help transitional aged youth (TAY) coming out of group homes. Providing resources that will help transitioning youth receive appropriate job training, learn job application and interviewing skills, and maintain a rewarding career. We will appoint a mentor from one of our partnering agencies to help prepare them for promising career opportunities.year.