Milestones Program

 Living Beyond Walls Milestones program is Empowering Single Mothers to gain knowledge in financial literacy. Helping single mothers with basic needs, by providing utility assistance. This is the first step to transforming their lives. This includes workshops to introduce financial planning, budgeting, investments, debt relief, and all purposeful concepts. Our focus is to help set appropriate goals. As they strive to purchase a home, and save college funds for their children. While moving toward financial security.

Financial Literacy

How We Do It

Step 1:

We host financial education workshops led by industry experts. These workshops cover topics such as financial planning, budgeting, investments, debt relief, and other essential financial concepts.

Step 2:

Participants in our workshops gain valuable knowledge about proper budgeting, insurance products, investing, saving, managing credit, and debt. These skills prepare them for financial success.

Step 3:

Upon successful completion of the workshops, participants become eligible to receive donations that open investment accounts, with matching contributions funded by Living Beyond Walls. This step helps them take concrete steps toward financial security, including purchasing a home and saving for their children’s college funds.