Milestones Program

Financial Literacy

Empowering families to gain knowledge in financial literacy is the first step to transforming their lives. This includes financial planning, budgeting, workshop investments, debt relief, and all purposeful concepts. Our focus is to help set appropriate goals. As they strive to purchase a home, and save college funds for their children.

Financial Literacy

How We Do It

Step 1:

We host financial education workshops for low to moderate income earners. These workshops are funded by our partners and donors  and are led by finance industry experts.

Step 2:

Participants learn about proper budgeting, insurance products, investing, saving, managing credit and debt, and other techniques to help prepare them for financial success

Step 3:

Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants are eligible to receive a donation to open an investment account, given  matching contributions funded by Living Beyond Walls.



Turning a house into a home is expensive. Help us do so for single parent families.

Get Involved

Fully furnishing a new home is hard work. Volunteers like you make what we do possible.