Living Life Now

Self Care

Living Beyond Walls sets the standard for self-care throughout the year. Our focus is providing support to single family homes and their children. We surprise parents by paying utility bills, providing free to low cost events for children and providing annual luncheon with pampering gifts to invest in one’s self. Our organization strongly encourages participating in every activity that brings you rejuvenation, peace, joy, and happiness.

Living Life Now

How We Do It

Step 1:

We receive year round donations from our sponsors and partners to help support our Mission and vision providing support for families in need.

Step 2:

We work with our local networking groups, nonprofit, schools, to help select single parents to help supply them with the essentials they need.

Step 3:

Donating gift cards for dinners, spa days, and hotel stays. Is the focus of this initiative. Each experience helps parents set their own personal self-care days and budget them during the



Turning a house into a home is expensive. Help us do so for single parent families.

Get Involved

Fully furnishing a new home is hard work. Volunteers like you make what we do possible.