Living Life Now

Living Beyond Walls is providing Self- Care and stress free activities for Single Mothers where they are encouraged to take time-out for themselves, while going through their journey. Activities that can range from physical activities such as exercise, and healthy eating, to mental activities such as reading a book or journaling, to spiritual or social activities.

Living Life Now

How We Do It

Step 1:

We receive year-round donations from our sponsors and partners, ensuring a steady stream of resources to support our mission and vision

Step 2:

We collaborate with local networking groups, nonprofits, and schools to identify single parents who would benefit from our support. These partnerships help us select individuals in need and supply them with essential resources.

Step 3:

Our program includes the donation of gift cards for dinners, spa days, and hotel stays. These experiences enable parents to set aside personal self-care days and budget for them throughout the year. We believe that self-care is essential for well-being and personal growth.